LEDs Light Up the Night at Events Around the World


Attend a modern concert, event or festival and you may see that there is light in the darkness: not just flashes of color, but synchronized rhythms coordinated with the music. This wonderful display of color is all thanks to radio controlled LED systems. One brand’s creator, Jason Regler, was struck by a band’s unique musical style and sparked the idea for these innovative bracelets with his company Xylobands. Other brands are quickly following suit with a common goal of bringing people together in a unique way.

Inspired by the lyrics, “lights will guide you home” from Coldplay’s “Fix You,” Regler dreamed of a show where the lights were the guiding force behind the music. Regler was able to develop illuminating bracelets that glow in time to the beat of the music. Using LED lights, the RFID driven wristbands rely on a receiver to intake data that tells them how and when to flash based on specific codes. Each wristband sends and receives radio waves through proprietary software loaded onto a laptop and transferred to a transmitter box/antenna. The codes are then sent through radio frequencies with each transmitter ranging up to 400 meters. Other companies, like RippleLight and Glow Motion Technologies, are embracing this wireless LED technology to change the way people interact and experience various events.

The thick fabric can be printed with any logo and are remotely controlled by a tablet, PC or other devices. They contain LED lights which emit any color the designer would like from blue to red to white or any color of the rainbow. Konica Minolta Sensing offers LED light measurement instruments to ensure perfect color accuracy.

Currently, these wireless LED bands are available through various brands to light up the audience of any event. Companies like T-Mobile and H&R Block have used the technology for a variety of shows and parties. You may also see these bands popping up at other special events like Radio City Music Hall, NBA games, and festivals.

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