Measuring Light Intensity With Konica Minolta Sensing Light Meters


Accurate and quantifiable measurement of light is essential to creating desired outcomes in practical day to day applications, as well as unique applications. From measuring the amount of light in a workspace surface to ensuring emergency exits have proper illumination, light measurement and analysis is an important step in ensuring efficiency and safety.

Konica Minolta light meters come in several styles and provide users with the ability to accurately measure light across many applications. They are designed in compliance with the highest accuracy and quality standards in the industry for measuring illuminance and luminance. Our light meters can be used in labs to measure chemically reactive substances and the illumination of LEDs and CRTs for quality control, government testing, photography, and cinematography. For those on the go, many of our light meters operate on 9-volt or AA batteries, are easily portable, and simple to read and understand.

The majority of light meters used around the world have the Konica Minolta name on them. We stay ahead of the competition in the light measurement industry because of an absolute commitment to engineering the highest quality, most accurate measuring instruments on the market. Our instruments help engineers and technicians in a broad range of industries do their jobs better and faster.

T-10A Illuminance Meters Series: The T-10A and T10MA are easy-to-use handheld illuminance meters capable of measuring illuminance, integrated illuminance, and illuminance difference. These meters feature an expansive measuring range, automatic range switching, and multipoint measurements.

CL-200A Chroma Meter: The CL-200A is used for measuring the color and illuminance of light sources, including white LED light sources, and displaying the results in terms of tristimulus values, illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, excitation purity, correlated color temperature, and difference values from a target.

CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer: The CL-500A is used for the evaluation of high-class, next-generation lamps such as LEDs and OLEDs. It can measure illuminance, color temperature, CRI, chromaticity, and spectral power distribution.

LS-100/LS-110 Luminance Meters: The LS-100 and LS-110 are compact, portable, lightweight meters for measuring the luminance of light sources or reflective surfaces. These instruments are recognized for their flareless SLR (single-lens-reflex) optical system, fast measurement times, measurements of small target areas, and user calibration and color correction functions for wide-ranging support.

CS-100A Chroma Meter: The CS-100A is a portable, non-contact digital tristimulus colorimeter featuring a spot, SLR (single-lens reflex) design for measurements of luminance and chromaticity.

CS-200 Chroma Meter: The CS-200 measures luminance and chromaticity of light emitting products as diverse as large plasma displays, compact LCDs and LEDs, outdoor screens, high pressure lamps, and instrument panels.

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