Industry Applications

Our innovative measuring instruments originated from our advanced optical and image processing technologies. These have been proven to increase quality control and precision in a wide variety of industries. Our display color analyzers are used to measure the color and luminance of displays while our optical spectrometers evaluate the spectral characteristics of light radiation. These spectrophotometers, colorimeters and other color measuring instruments are used for essential color management in many manufacturing plants. Precise measurement instruments can be used in a vast array of industries including: automotive, lighting & display, and food & beverage. When accurate, consistent measurements of color and uniformity of light are essential to the success of your products or services. Trust Konica Minolta Sensing Americas' expertise to match you with the right instrument for your application.

Automotive Industry Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry Lighting Industry
Food and Beverage Industry Plastics Industry Textiles Industry
Paint and Coatings Industry Textile and Apparel Industry Display Industry