LED Station


The Instrument Systems LED Station is a cost-conscious solution for testing LEDs. It is designed to determine the light radiations from LEDs and is based on the mini array spectrometer MAS 40. The LED Station is versatile, capable of having a number of different adaptors attached to the input flange of the MAS 40 which increases instrument capability. The addition of these adaptors makes the MAS 40 and LED Station capable of measuring both luminous intensity and luminous flux. Just one measurement of the spectrum can provide calculations for additional spectral parameters like color coordinates, color temperature, and dominant wavelength.

By adding a mini goniophotometer to the MAS 40, measurements can be expanded to include determining the spatial radiation pattern of LEDs. The LED-720 constant current source completes the LED Station, making it suited measure driving standard and high-brightness LEDs.

All aspects of this highly versatile and customizable LED station meet Instrument Systems stringent requirements for quality and performance and will be calibrated with the spectrometer before shipment.

PDF Click here for the LED Station Brochure.


  • A comprehensive solution for LED measurement applications - LED-Station accurately tests spatial radiation pattern, luminous flux, luminous intensity and chromaticity values
  • CCD spectrometer technology that is both robust and economical
  • Users can connect every test adapter made by Instrument Systems
  • The current source is perfectly designed for driving LEDs


  • Quality control and incoming inspection of LEDs

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