SpectraMagic™ NX Color Data Software

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Used in conjunction with a Konica Minolta Sensing spectrophotometer or colorimeter, SpectraMagic NX is a software program designed to record color measurement results and provide a more detailed analysis of a sample's color. This versatile program allows users to store easily and find measurement data and color values, precisely identify color inconsistencies through easy-to-understand assessment reports and detailed graphs, and effectively evaluate the color and appearance of samples through a more comprehensive, sophisticated process. Its features and advanced capabilities make it ideal for R&D analysis, quality control inspections, and process control procedures.

SpectraMagic NX is available in Pro version for applications requiring more advanced analysis functions and the Lite version for basic use. Both versions are compatible with Konica Minolta Sensing spectrophotometers and select colorimeters, providing users with a complete color quality control solution.

PDF Click here for the SpectraMagic™ NX Brochure.

PDF Click here for the SpectraMagic™ NX Manual.


  • Two version options available in Pro version for more advanced analysis functions and Lite version for basic use
  • Color difference assessments and pass/fail assessments can be performed using standard or customized evaluation formulas to identify color inconsistencies and determine if the sample meets the defined color standard
  • Pre-defined or customized templates can be used to save, display, and print reports, including various visual graphs, measurement data lists, and color assessment results
  • Provides step-by-step navigation, including picture illustrations, to guide users through measurement and software use
  • (Pro version only) Automated measurement processes can be set up as macros and automated to improve efficiency and avoid errors
  • (Pro version only) Tolerance values can be calculated automatically using DE*ab, CMC, CIE94, CIE2000, and other formulas to determine if the color difference between a sample and the standard passes inspection
  • Seven language options - English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Used in conjunction with Konica Minolta Sensing spectrophotometers and select colorimeters for a complete color quality control solution


Model Spectramagic™ NX
System Requirements
OS Windows® 10 Pro 64bit(x64)
Windows® 10 Pro 32bit(x86)
Windows® 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4,
Windows® Vista Business 32bit(x86) and 64bit(x64)
Windows® 7 64bit(x64)
CPU Pentium® III 600 MHz or higher (recommended)
Memory 128 MB (256 MB recommended)
Hard disk 450 MB of available disk space (At least 400 MB of available space is required in the system drive.)
Display Display unit capable showing at least 1024 × 768 dots/256 colors
Other DVD-ROM drive (required for installation), One free USB port or printer port (for protection key),One free serial port (for instrument), Internet Explorer Ver. 5.01 or later
Compatible Instruments CM-3700d; CM-3600d; CM-3610d; CM-3630; CM-3500d; CM-700d/600d; CM-2600d/2500d/2500c; CM-2002; CM-500 Series; CM-512m3; CR-400/410, DP-400; CR-300/CR-200 Series (the CR-300/200 Series can be used only when the main unit is version 3.0 or later and is connected via RS-232C. the unit cannot be used together with a USB converter.)
Features Professional Edition ONLY